Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Cheesy!

Cheesy pick up line..isn't? haha!
Love month strikes! Hope you guys spread the love. :) What are your plans this coming heart's day? I will go eat out? hmm.. not yet sure because it's not weekend! haha! :) 

If you are not in a relationship status, don't feel bad about it. Valentine's is not only for couples. And besides, you don't need to be in a relationship just to feel LOVE. Awts! :D Sooo cheesy. 

What is the cheesiest pick up-line you ever heard? I'm glad to hear it from you. Take care y'all! :)


  1. So bad that's not on weekend or at a Friday at least!I think I'll go to eat out,maybe for a drink too.Have fun!And thank you for your lovely comment on my blog!!

  2. "If you were a library book I would never bring you back".. I LOVE that quote! Haha! And I can't think of any cheesy pick-up lines a man has said to me, although there probably has been some!


  3. Haha hmm there's so many cheesy pick up lines it's hard to choose! :))) but this one i recently heard: "pagod ka na ba? kasi lagi kang tumatakbo sa utak ko" HAHAHA

    <3 hazel

  4. do you believe in love at first sight? or should I walk again? hahaha!! :D

  5. hello.. i tagged you in this post..

    pakisagot po mga tanong ha? salamat..:)

  6. so cheesy nga, i rmember some lines tuloy from my amnesia girl :))


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