Thursday, May 26, 2011

From the Bottom of my Broken Heart

Oooohhh!!! please! I can't take this anymore.. :( 

We broke up but we didn't have a chance to talk about things. I just left without a word. Like "better left things unsaid." Remembering our moments together for more than four years in a relationship, its not hard to forget everything. 

I'm jealous seeing our common friends (couple and in a long term relationship) that are still together its either long distance relationship or personal. I envy them. Like I always keep myself asking this question "what went wrong?"

Then there are lots of follow up questions and can't find answers. "Can we go back to the old times?" 

"If we come back to each other again, will the things stay the same or there will be changes?" 

"What if we go on our separated lives?" 

Geeezzz! I hate this broken hearted feeling! feels like I'm dying inside. My brain will burst out! There's a lot of "What ifs" on my mind. 

What if this didn't happened? 

I'am not writing this thought and we are still happy together continue to grow and love one another. 

Does it really have to end? We almost have our happy ending. ALMOST. But now its OVER. :'(

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I Feel

Spamming or posting photos to show how I feel right now. I've been staring on my monitor for 30 minutes already and I don't know what to type. Plus this blog of mine has been not updated for quiet some time. So there you go... =|


That's all for now... =| I feel so sad right now. :(((((

Takes A Litttle or More Time To

We'll see because I can't promise that. I will do it at my best rather. :) :\