Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Was super sleepy the whole day. Plus my hair bothers me and annoys me. I had my haircut last week and it was the worst decision I have done in my life so far! I honestly don't like my haircut. So I am thinking to have cellophane treatment for my hair to get it back to straight and shiny hair not like this wavy hair cut that I did not asked for. UGH!!! I hate it when you have no time to go to your favorite salon and all you have to do is to get out at lunch break and get a haircut to some random unknown salon outside your office.

I was happy when he told me, yes.. HE told me (the owner of the salon) that my haircut would be better if I will also go for an Hot Oil, which is sounds good at first and when we were almost done, he didn't finished my hair dry with blower because there are lots of costumers waiting for their turn. And I have to go back to the office because lunch break is almost over. So, yeah, I didn't had time to check my hair so when I got back to the office I was like = [NOT ]SO HAPPY with the results and follows the next day, next day, I was hoping this will get okay the next day but it became worst and worst!

So, I have to save moolah from my daily allowance, for the budget of cellophane hair treatment thing or thinking to cut this long hair below my shoulders so everything will be back to normal but I don't want to regret again.

Good luck to me with this. As of the moment, I used coconut oil for my hair at it sucks big time because I put too much this morning before I take bath. And now it looks like wet... wet look hair huh? always fresh so I decided to tie it up so it will not bothers me when I look to the mirror.

Deep sigh! I have so many things to buy these days because I did not shop last month for my monthly consumptions. hahaha! I used my reserved items for that (its a girl thing) and I don't want my cabinet to be empty so tomorrow I have to do my "what to buy list" so I could do the math and save my budget for my f^&&* cellophane hair treatment. and yeah thanks to that f*(^&^& salon near in the office. It was a nightmare!! BOO! >.<


  1. next time you should go to your fave salon no matter what/. :)

  2. sucks sometimes that you have to go to some random salon than the salon you really want. What's not so nice about some salons is that they "market" talk you like they tell you to try this and that and convince you that it's gonna get better but au contraire, it's the opposite., now that's lesson learned.. just go to your fave and trusted salon


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