Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sun is Shining and Rain Comes In

The sun is shining and rain comes in, and I don't know what to do... ♪♫♪ just singing this favorite lyrics from the song of A1 "You're not in love" :) 

I knoowww.... haven't post anything here on my page. Guess because I was so busy with other things I have to prioritized. Talking about how I celebrated the New Year, it's a typical or usual celebration with my family. :) 

Talking about the weather, it so cold here and I'm tired of guessing (the weather) what would be the weather this morning and this afternoon and tonight? I swear, you can't guess it. The sun is shining the whole day yesterday but when I got home from work, there was light rain showers and I have to confessed that I'm loving it. haha! 

I know, it's so boring to blog without any photos or anything. Just pure text. Specially blogwalkers really love to check blogs who has lots of photos and other decoration rather than to visit this lame page of mine here on web. 

I have a great idea with that, since I will not post any photos. I will just changed my blog layout into something cute and girly so visitors will appreciate my page too. I will not ask you "what do you think?" because I know it's a good idea.

Have a nice day everyone! ♥

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