Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 04: A Song That Makes Me Sad - Tonight I Wanna Cry

Tonight I Wanna Cry by  - Keith Urban

Warning: If you're in pain right now, don't listen to this song. This will make you cry. ;)

Actually there's a lot of songs that can make me sad but this one, for me, is very heartbreaking... (-___-) I love Keith Urban since I listen to his song "You'll Think of Me" way back 2006. >.<

So, how was your weekend so far? I've been tag by Silly and Fun and will gonna post that later on. :) In between my 30 Day Song Challenge. ;) 

Have a great day! ♥


  1. Hey Jool I'm your 54rd follower & iThink the concept of your blog is a m a z i n g.]
    This song does bring on a sad mood over me.
    & Mines has been wonderful, what about yours ~?

  2. awww tnx for the warning! imma skip this one for now..haha baka nga umiyak nanaman ako :(

  3. yeee...I so listen to this song all the time when I broke up with my partner a year ago and I was like "huhuhuhuhuhuhu" each night..bagay talaga to sa mga emoterang kagaya koh! haaaaay...

  4. has a warning baka nag emo na naman weekend was not bad at all thou I was locked for 2 days since weather was so gay:)

    Happy Monday:)


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