Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now That It's All Said and Done

Hello! I'm not good right now. :( Why we have to experience heartbreaks? or heartaches? This is not the feeling I don't want to feel or experience. So, four years ago, when I started to commit or enter a relationship, I told myself to be good and no lies, cheats and etc that can affect to our relationship. But what happened? 

It was all started with one HELLO! and how could it end it like this? 

I chose to leave.
I asked for time and space.
He asked for last chance. 
I made a solution. (Because things were not the same as before)
He agreed.
We agreed.
We had an agreement. 
But it was only our first day with our plan.
I'm hoping for a better outcome but it wasn't good. I just thinking that he was just missing me. But NO. 
His text messages gets worst. More harsh than his previous messages. He doesn't care at all. If I get hurt or what. 
All I know is that he is out of patience waiting for me to come back. 
How could he asked for a second chance if he can't wait, exert effort and have patience? 
How could he be so rude to send text messages and think of bad deeds about me?

I guess, things are not way it used to be. He's not sweet anymore. He changed and So I am. We don't know each other anymore. I think going back as being strangers is what we have to do.
Moving on and move forward is not easy, we all have to pause, cry and feel the pain then after play again so life goes on. I can always look back to the stupid things I did and how fool I was and learned from it.

I know there's someone out there for me. I will not going to find that person. He will find me. :) See you! whoever you are. 

Still sad about what's happening in my life right now. :'(

Good vibes please! Good vibes! 

It's time to face the truth that we are not meant to be. :(


  1. Sometimes we make decisions, tough decisions. I guess this time you have to make it, you can do it Jool. Aja!! Make it one of the best decision you ever made. Cheer up!

  2. Hi darling! C'est la vie, but you are woman and women have better lives than men. Enjoy your freedom, a woman's freedom is more beautiful than anything else in this world. Its that boy's lost. When you look back from this, you will laugh. You will be okay. Do not let a man measure who you are. Shake it off & enjoy your life.

    Lots of love from NYC


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